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Surf Etiqette

Surfing Etiquette while Paddlesurfing

As surfing grows in popularity every year this has resulted in a wide range of crafts on the water from BodyBoards , Surf Boards to SUP's , Surf Kayaks and Wave Skis. Due to this it is vital to know and understand good surfing etiquette as well as the rules outlined below please consider the following so that everybody can enjoy their time on the water.

It is usually easier for a paddle craft to catch a wave than a Body Boarder or someone on a Surf Board so do not catch all the waves just because you can , share them with the other craft on the water.We all make mistakes from time to time , if you do accidentally drop in on someone’s wave get off the wave as soon as possible , apologise it helps to keep the surf zone friendly . 

Surf Etiquette – It is important to know your limits and be aware of those around you for a happier day in the surf.


1. Both are paddling but GREEN is closest to the breaking wave and therefore has priority.

2. GREEN is already surfing, so RED may not drop in.

3. GREEN is already surfing and RED is still paddling so cannot surf.

4. GREEN is already surfing and RED is still paddling, so GREEN has right of way.

5. RED is attempting a soup take off but GREEN has caught the wave on the face and has right of way.

6. RED is paddling for the wave but GREEN is already surfing , so GREEN has right of way.

7. RED is paddling for the wave but GREEN is already surfing , so GREEN has right of way.

8. If RED wipes out GREEN may surf.

9. Both surfers may surf from one peak if they go in opposite directions and their paths do not cross.

10. RED cannot pass the peak of the wave and surf in the same direction as GREEN

11.GREEN can cross the peak of the wave as there is no other surfer on the wave.

12. Neither surfer has a right of way in a collision situation.

13. GREEN has right of way but may not hit RED. Under contest rules RED may be called for interference if RED impedes GREEN’S progress.

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